What do people say?

After attending, organising, sponsoring or covering a concert or listening to the album or even visiting this website by Dr. Salil Latay, many of you had to say the following. ( Some selected Comments – Individual/ Organisers/Sponsors/Press). Yours could be in it too.

( Please note that comments in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu and Bangla have been translated in English for a wider reading on the web. The ones in English stay as they are.)






"Dr. Salil Latay - Sukoon Mila Apke Gaano Ko Sunke!" - Ms. Fatema Canteenwala. @Raah, Pune. 06 October 2018. An Artist's Impression of Vocal Sonata!















30. You won't believe, You sang all the ghazals that I had in my mind! 

Madhu Subramaniam after attending A Journey with Ghazals on 26 Dec 2015.


29. Your concert should be used for Psychotherapy, It has healing powers!

Dr. Vijaya Pawar after attending A Journey with Ghazals on 26 Dec 2015


28. I have never heard a presentation like this, Keep up the great work.

Mrs. Ramaswamy after attending A Journey with Ghazals on 26 Dec 2015.


27. Soothing voice mesmerising renditions

Satish Thampi on facebook 12 Dec 2015


26. Excellent program Dr Salil

Nagesh Chavan of Nagesh Trust after attending A Tryst with Melody on 28 Nov 2015.


25. Your renditions are wonderful, beautiful with catchy compositions, clean and enchanting.

V. Seetha Ramaiah (Musician), Visakhapatnam

12 Feb 2014


24. Listened to your albums Geetanjali Express S1 and S2, what should I say? I am overwhelmed. The softness in your voice is amazing. You know what? My 3 years old son Abhiram is also a fan of yours. Each morning he says "Baba Tuzya Mitlacha Gana Laav Na" (Daddy, Play the song of your friend) especially ‘Mohabbat Ki Wafaa Ki, Dosti Ki Baat Karte Hain’ is his favourite. I too like this song very much, and the song ‘Aap Hi Se Sunaa Nahin Jaataa’ is also very well composed. Please convey my regards to Mr. Nazeer Fatehpuri Sahab. It is only because of his beautifully woven words, that you have been able to compose and sing such memorable songs. Happy Composing and Singing dear! May this journey find better and better destinations and let it be a continuous and joyful journey ever!

Shripad Moharil, Nagpur

 09 Feb 2014.


23. I am sure you must have heard this from many but still I must say - You are a naturally talented artist. Your deeply resonant voice adds weight to your songs which are insightful with subtle messages. Wish you all the best for your future ventures.


Dr. Omprakash and Gretta Sharma, Pune

12 May 2013


22. The Concert on 22 March 2013 was very nice. I enjoyed your song - Main Aadmi Mein Aksar Insaan Dhoondata Hoon the most. It is so meaningful. Hope we find such a human being some day. May you climb the ladder of success. My best wishes and blessings for the same.

Geetha Subharam, Pune

27 March 2013


21. It was really a great feeling, hearing & listening to your music. I feel that your music is filled with melody, rhythm & harmony which directly touches the heart & emotions of common people.  Your music is an expression of various phases of man’s life and has variety of flavours. Your music makes me believe that you can create a different genre of music catering to the needs of all age group.

The best aspect I liked about you is that you believe in creating your own music, something which is soothing, cherishing, mesmerizing, convincing and appealing to common masses. Keep it Up Salil !!! Great Job.

I pray to the Almighty that you reach great heights and I have an inner feeling that many more people will be listening to your type of music very soon.

Satyajit Dey, Haldia, West Bengal

18 September 2012


20. I visited your website and thoroughly enjoyed it. In addition to your lovely voice, a very important aspect of your rendition was the emphasis on the melodic structure of the songs. It is such a welcome relief from the cacophony which is prevalent in modern music (sic).  Your songs provided a welcome relief to our ears.  I wish you and your Geetanjali Express a very successful and bright future.

Dr. Subir Mazumdar, Kolkata

13 Jan 2012


19. New Lyrics, New Fresh Voice and New Tunes. Heard you for the first time. Wonderful!

Dattaprasad Ranade, Pune (Ghazal Singer)

05 Jan 2012


18. Your melodious songs enthralled my soul. Your recitation is very refreshing. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up this spirit for the benefit of our society.

Rakesh Hashilkar, Pune

22 Oct 2011


17. Only one word to describe your performance at Goregaon Sports Club, Mumbai - EXCELLENT!

Ashok Joysher, Mumbai

20 Mar 2011


16. Very Sweet and Clear presentation format!

Savita Pendse, Pune

26 Feb 2011


15. Good Voice, Good Singing, Nice Album (GE S1)

Ashish Mujumdar, Pune (Music Composer)

20 Oct 2010


14. I heard your CD. Superb. Pyaar Ka Deep Jalao, Ke Adhuri Hain Ghazal is the best.GAATE RAHO... SUNATE RAHO!

Pt. Hrishikesh Mahale, Pune (Singer & Disciple of Anup Jalota)

24 Sept 2010


13. I attended your program at IIEBM institute organized by Rotary club of Khadki. I am a student of IIEBM and currently doing internship at Volkswagen.

We students were amazed by your voice and melodious compositions made by you. I am not in to music but my senses are alert. And all my senses were responding when you were performing on stage. 

I loved the song on “Admi and Insaan” & also “Aaphi se suna nahi jaata”…I was really lost in to the harmony.

 I hearty wish you good luck for your future endeavors and your journey with Geetanjali Express.

 Ramrao Patil, Pune

20 Sept 2010


12. I am too young to give any opinion yet but still, whatever songs I heard in such a short span of time (for I reached late) were simply marvellous.

Shamika Khapre, Pune


09 May 2010


11. Dr. Salil Latay is a man passionate about his dream,  committed to his ambition and always tries to give a  message to the  audience - Purposeful music , Musical performances with a difference!, rightly just as his visiting card and his website says. His performances have a taste of Indian music which the audience of all ages cherish. It is infact most vital ingredient missing in today’s Indian music - is what is greatly present here. I wish him all the best for his upcoming concerts.


Ameya Joshi, Pune


04 March 2010


10. A thoroughly enjoyable performance! I am sure everybody present on that occasion had a taste of a varied but extremely interesting feast of vocal music. The versatility which you ably demonstrated was indeed commendable and had a full professional touch. I sincerely pray for your further ascendancy.

Dr. Subir and Sandhya Mazumdar, Kolkata

22 Feb 2010


09. Your performance was wonderful!  Your voice has depth, expressions & melody - all combined - enjoyed it!! Keep it up!


Tushar Kulkarni, Pune


12 Jan 2010


08. It was a pleasure to listen to the old lyrics which was sung by you so beautifully that it took me to the olden days.  The music in those days was really soothing to your mind and worth listening to at times of depression or even happiness.  You really sang them with feelings and that was what gave the songs real life. I wish I could hear some more of your compositions.  It was sad to note that you could give us only a few songs but it made the evening really worth.  Wishing you all the best in your 'safar' with Geetanjali Express.

Mr. & Mrs. Maharukh Daruwalla, Mumbai

12 Jan 2010


07. A splendid evening with Geetanjali Express. It was a real delight to listen and watch your singing. Your singing is a rare combination of melody, originality and clarity of words. Truly your academic excellence is reflected in it. Keep it up. Our Best Wishes are always with you.

Nitin & Rupali Raghorte, Pune

28 April 2009


06. It was an absolute pleasure to hear you once again and this time I paid more attention to the lyrics as u wanted us to… you sang beautifully and we love your voice... Luved hearing you and would like to again – so lets hope we get a chance soon. 

Deepa Mathur, Pune

27 April 2009


05. In the times of Remix music in India, where the majority of artists and the media are busy misleading the Indian youth, your efforts to present music with a definite direction and purpose deserves a special praise. This has clearly influenced both the students and the teachers of this college after witnessing your concert. May your work and zeal inspire the youth of this country.

Dr. Kailas Bavle
Principal, Gramonnati Mandal's Arts, Commerce and Science College, Narayangaon

16 Aug 2006


04. Your serious and deep voice cast spell in all the members of the audience.  We hope your Geetanjali Express will travel to greater stations of success.

Akola Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd. Akola,

24 Jan 2006


03. Carving a niche 

Switching tracks isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but Dr. Salil Latay decided to have it all. Being one of the toppers at national level in International Air Transport Association’s Management Cadre Examination and with a Doctorate in Geography, he’s pursuing a career in music which happens to be his passion. But instead of joining the mad rush for a break in the film industry, he decided to evolve his own format for music concerts. With 3 albums and 61 concerts in the last one and half years, Dr. Latay has already carved a niche for himself in the field of Hindi and Marathi music. “There always comes a time in your life when you need to make a choice. For me, the choice was quite obvious. One must always try to do what one feels like. I have enjoyed every moment of my struggle and have the satisfaction of pursuing my kind of music,” He says. Retaining originality is what Dr. Latay focuses upon. “I try to sing in my own voice. Individuality is what matters the most,” he says.


Hiral Dholakia
Times News Network
Column - Passing Through
The Times of India, Baroda & Ahmedabad Edition, 06 May 2005


02. Right Track

Dr. Salil Latay, a Ph.D. in Geography has switched tracks and gone into singing as a full time career in what his visiting card describes as ‘purposeful music’. Latay, who describes himself as a corporate kalakaar (artiste), follows the philosophy that he is not only an artist, but also a businessman.

Business India
Feb 28 – 13 Mar 2005 Issue


01. The fine collection of songs was indeed excellent. Despite sudden downpour and conducting the concert in a makeshift cramped location, we very much appreciate your cooperation for performing under unfavourable circumstances. The standing ovation you received from the entire audience is a testimony to the extent the programme was appreciated by one and all.

Rtn. Chandrashekar Agarwal
President, Rotary Club of Poona, Pune 

08 Nov. 2004


Many more added with every performance and to be added here soon. You could write yours too. See the contact details.